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  1. its been a yearr...a long one too! (:
    i misses talking to youu!
  2. oh my goshh,,,
    do you know itss been almostt a yearr?
    February 14th,2009 11:59pm.
    ha you got it just intime for it to still be valentines dayy!
    ha thats what gott mee! (:
  3. ello lovee(:
    i missed youu!
    how are you??
    im ohkayy...hhmm could be betterr
  4. heyy!!!!!!! i have missed you! how have you been? its been like three months since we've talked! ugh! lol ^_^
  5. <a href=" albumID=1921607&imageID=32267760"><img src="" alt="rawr baby rawr" /></a>
  6. its okay...i havent been on in forever!!! i missed you!!! um we are still 2 gether right??? i never can remember we really never talk anymore
  7. Sorry, I just got back to my house in California. I didn't exactly have internet for a while.
  8. have you been?? its been too long i really miss talking to you!! alot!!! haha you need to message me back!!
  9. just wondering!! ^_^
  10. We should be..why do you ask?
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