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  1. yeaa vampire fun. what could better? or funner?
  2. oohhhh lol sounds like we could have some fun lol jk
  3. nice, that makes two of us =]

  4. yep lol 4 some reason being bitten is a pleasure 2 me lol
  5. i think i'd turn you to a vampire if i was one too. lol. that is, if you wanted me to.
  6. well that makes me feel better!!!
    the part about how ur not a veggie vamp. lol but ill love u any way =]
  7. lol, but i'm no vegetarian vampire. i suck the life out of humans and feel fine. and if there was a rabid vampire after you i'd f**king kill him on the spot
  8. well not 2 me =]
    ur MY edward!!!!! =]
    and i like absolutly LOVEEEEE edward lol =]
  9. i intially liked it but i kinda got bored, and i d k. i just lost interest fast. and the girls were all fanning out saying i looked like jasper
  10. yeahh like dang that was like ssssoooo random
    omgah!!!!! y dont u like twilight?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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