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  1. i d k if you adopt me you'd be like my sister or my mom and that b weird. lol
  2. y would that be weird?
  3. lolz. =]
    u saw my thread?haha i'd let you adopt me but that'd be a little weird.
  4. oh lol
    well as u can tell im christian =] lolz...............................
  5. that's what i claim because that s the thing i'm closest to. i want to learn more about it though
  6. oh...sounds fun!! lol so i saw that ur buddist?
    i dont care if u r tho lol
  7. i d k, because i'm not one religion. and people stare at me at churches..i d k why..
  8. i jus love our youth its awesome!! lol why dont you (no offense)
  9. lol, why do you want to go to church so bad? (no offense)
  10. oh?
    lol im like ugh!!!!!!! i wanna go 2 church but muh dad wont take me and muh mom is at freakn ABAC takin some kinda test so she can get into the skewl 2 be some kind of counselour
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