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  1. hi, it has been awhile, whats up?.....................
  2. hello, how are you? it has been awhile since we talked.
  3. cool, i'm listening to the band H.I.M., i love their singer..and Poison.
  4. hello, how are you today? I was just listening to some music and i am still listening to music, a christian rapper named KJ-52.
  5. cool, thanks for joining, and i hate the fifty character thing too, it gets on my nerves. i am oing to head off to bed. talk to you sometime later.
  6. haha. okay,i'll go join right now. lol. (damn fifty character)
  7. that is all i did, i still know enough to join though.
  8. i'll try to. i really don't know that much about star wars, i've seen the movies, but that's it. lol.
  9. yeah, that is exactly what i am trying to do, by the way, could you please join a RPG idea forum thread called Star Wars please? We need three more people to join it if we want to make it an RP thread.
  10. hi, no problem. just trying to make friends you know?
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