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  1. Thanks man. I was thinking about entering poem of the month with something else, but i don't know the entries are really good.
  2. How it going Emo. been off at the playstation site poasting there. Just read you poem about death that was master.
  3. @ Tbaism, dude, I don't know what happened, but if you get into a arguement or a flamewar, I get continuing the discussion through messaging, but if he just doesn't want to talk to you anymore, don't talk to him. I'm amazed at how much you posted on his page already.

    @ nightboyz, just don't respond.
  4. Yeah I agree Emo. This guy just got under my skin talking like a psychiatrists and im the one on the couch.
    It just ticks me off when someone takes what you say way off to make them look better.
    He totled that thead. I wish I didn't post at his profile page.
  5. i get your point. most people piss me off, lol. but the thing that bugs me is that people expect you to be one thing because you feel a certain way about something and that's bullshit, you know? I have liberal tendencies, but I have a limit. I can't stand straight out old conservatives who think that they are always right. And I hate liberals that think anything is okay. I'm just in the grey zone on my own.
  6. Polticlaly im nothing, can't stand liberals because they think violince of any kind is wrong. Can't stand those NRA nuts becase there allways like take over the world and speak english every one. Hate dimocrates, give and give with no regard of were its going to and from.Can'tt stand republicans, think nothing to technoaly advancment unless it in guns.
    So call me nothing in poltices.
  7. true, but i really just either ignore him or bitch him out, because there are times i really can't stand the guy.
    I guess i'm just a evil liberal. lol
    But i think people should watch the BBC or something else instead. Any station in the US only focuses on the US, not the world.
  8. Just posted on the O'reilly thead, man that a lot of writing.
    I cant read half of what some people wrote about the guy.
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