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  1. holly shit I got to go now, real life calls , see ya next weekend dude!
  2. wow long time emo dude, what sup, on the world of this sad net
  3. hajahjahja.. I know am talking a lot of shit, that's the problem, i don't know what i did here... when am in real life, i don't think or remember things that i wrote on the net, this is a place where we come to let reality go away, so right now, am not really myself, am pretending to be someone else... so I don't know who thet person is, I think I block her or something, I don't know!
  4. dude...what are you talking about?
    But no, she didn't call you rascist. I think that was recieverofhell, lol.
    but she's not fake, man. I know fakes. She's cool, though, you should talk to her.
  5. ohh really?... well did you read the conversation?..... I don't remember.. but I think I toll someone not to write me back, he/ she, was saying things and asking things about me, I was call a racist by two people yesterday, or the day before..... anyway, she could be a fake person.
  6. man, she commented on your page. you called her fake or somethin, lol.
  7. who's black rose?...... anyway, i don't know who that is..... hey am not mean to anyone?
    so what rea ya talking about?
  8. dude why are you being mean to blackrose? she's super cool and not fake. or r u jking?
  9. hummmmmm 800, dollars an hour.... dude don't make me change of

    well free things are good, if you enjoy
    hey wat uppppppppppppppp.... huck huck huck... * cough blood*
  10. 'If you're good at something, Don't do it for free"~ the Joker

    Dude, I bet you I could too make like $500 bucks an hour, at least. maybe $800.
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