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  1. i family isnt exactly close unless its immediate family though. i hate my extended famly. my stepdad, my uncles, the only one i really enjoyed being around is my grandad and my great granmother. thats one thing bout americans is that were slowly distancing from family..
  2. hey am not soft am a human
    dude I was just trying to say family is the most important thing we
    yes am giving you the life crap
  3. lol, your going all soft on me. no i know. thats what im saying..i love him, but he can be annoying, but thats his way of telling me he loves me back...
  4. he call you all the time..... dude is because he misses you, and care for you!..... I always wanted to know why do americans let their old live alone?...... I will always live near my parents....... they tuck care of me when I was young, help me a lot... how can I betray them like that... leaving them to die alone......... sorry for that dude
  5. lol, i love my grandad, its just hes really,really old. and he calls my phone all the time checking up on me.. i get annoyed and pisse d with him, but then i feel sorry for him 'cause he lives all alone, and hes so damn old
  6. hajhajahjahjahjhajhaja oh man... sorry to hear that... but luckily we Hispanic love our family.... and my grand pa.... he's a kick ass.... and he hit on younger
  7. ugh..i hate sundays. my grandad comes over...i go back and forth between getting pissed at him and feeling sorry for him..
  8. I agreed with you on that... why does tyhe weekend so boring....
    I need to make some butty
    wow and the sunday coming up !
  9. i'm trying to clean my room. i hate the week days.... i wish something fun would happen.
  10. me am just waiting for the weekend to
    just watching some videos from some dumb site.....
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