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  1. ahjahjajahajha... 500, dollars..... yea right... maybe 100 bucks or less...jijijijijij

    if I where a whore, I would be doing it for free....hajahjahjhajahja
  2. I'd probably make like $500 a day. I'd be a good manwhore, lol.
  3. yes I know they are expensive, but they are good..... hummmmm?... how much do you think you can make as a whore?......jijijijij
  4. lol, macs are so damn expensive though,,and i'm always broke. maybe i should go prostitute on the street. lol.
  5. yea my whore is fast, but I love her so much, that's why am getting a pc.... am a mac person, who's gonna get a pc..... what the heck is
  6. lol, i just have a little laptop, so if i get a virus, i'm screwed. its good for surfing the web fast though.
  7. ajhjahjahjahjahaj dude we are a little nerdy

    well i need a more powerful PC.... my6 G5 isn't powerful
  8. yeah, but also the link. Ozy kicks ass man, he totally tells the little nerd to screw off.\

    and whats up with the hacking?lol
  9. hajhajhajhajahja you mean this...-->I really don't give a damn if you liked Watchmen or not. If you didn't, here's what Ozymandias
    has to say to you
    So shut up and smile

    hey am not little,and yes hacking if
  10. aww tht sucks. hackers are just little dweebs who don't hate the world so they f!ck with ppl's computers. hey, how do you like my new signature?
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