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  1. I PM a friend and she toll me to watch claymore, she toll me it was good... and the thing is I hate anime with chicks as the protagonist!.... but as you just said, there's nothing good at the time.. I give it a chance to claymore, I hope it don't suck! as gantz did!
  2. lol. there hasn't been that many good animes to come out recently..or at least ones i've been interested in..
  3. hum! am so bored at this time.... and am even more without an anime to watch!......
    I saw gantz yesterday... what a piece of shit!
  4. nothing, what about you? (50 character again-ugh))))))))
  5. hajahjahjah you right about that look what I chose!.... sup dude!
  6. lol. hello, what's up? (damn fifty character limit)
  7. I think is impolite to go to someone else profile,and not saying hello!....... HELLO!
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