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  1. ttyl, have a good night. (fifty character limit=====)
  2. Aww,I'm doing fine I guess...just sick. Plus I have to go and take medcine.. So,byee talk to you later.
  3. i did that when my dad died..anyway, i'm ok, how about you?
  4. Some reason I just can't eat a lot. My friends they do,compared to me to them I'm like a mouse and they're like the....lions! Lol. But once I actually starved myself it was only because I was very depressed..because my grandma died so I will never do that again...hopefully... xD How are you today?
  5. lol. i can go about 2 days without eating. 4 is the longest, but when i do eat, i can eat a
  6. Wow,I weigh less too but I have never been annorexic or bulimic. And wow,I can't go on forever without eating if I don't eat I get skinnier than I'm suppose to be and get really pale in the face. My friends bug me to to start eating right I eat like two things at lunch. xD I am pityful.
  7. wow..i weigh about 110 pounds i thought i was skinny!i can last forever without eating though..
  8. Yea...well my bf has been annorexic/bulimic. >_> So...yea he only weighs 89 pounds. o_o
    I always warn him not to eat so much chocolate.
  9. woow. i can eat anything and never throw up. i have an exceptional sweet tooth. lol
  10. Ha,wows. o.o Eating cupcakes upside down? xD I've been trying to tell my boyfriend not to eat so much chocolate or he would be throwing up again,he threw up already. x.x Guys are big eaters.
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