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  1. Heya. What's been happening?
    I haven't been on AO much ^_^'
  2. lol, i'm alright. just standing on my head eating a cupcake..
  3. Thanks for the complement.
    I'm good. How about you?
  4. hi. i love all of your Dbz are you today, by the way?
  5. lol, i had a party and killed everyone attending, it was so funny.
  6. In Sims 2 a visitor got burnt to death(not on purpose!) 'cause so many things were on fire I started to laugh my head off!
    And all 'cause of lighting striking a tree!
  7. lol! my friend's so f***ked up. she used to have a baby and put in a room w/ no windows or doors.
  8. Well when I use to Sims 1 I use to torture the sims by having them one in room with no doors or windows but I put in phone, a toilet and maybe a shower.
    It was funny when they ordered pizza 'cause the pizza guy couldn't give them the pizza or when a sim was trying to leave when the sim said he or she were leaving after having a fight with another sim(my mum done that one).
  9. its weird, but i used to kill my all the time. lol
  10. hahaha, the Sims games are addictive, I play the game myself.
    I've played Sims 1 and 2 (I have all expansion of both) and I preordered the Sims 3(I can't wait to play it!).
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