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  1. i want to play the first Zelda again. i actually am addicted to the Sims now.
  2. Street fighter 2 was one of my favs on snes if i had a chance to play it again i will but my snes is at our holiday house and i use to play Mario All Stars, Zelda- a link to the past (but now i have the gameboy sp version) and Super Mario World 1 & 2.
  3. haha, i still play street fighter 2 and super mario world on my supernintendo, talk about old,lol. i miss the old final fantasies though, they were cool
  4. yeah, sometimes I'll play Zelda-Ocarina of time on n64 and Final Fantasy 1,2,4,5,6,7 and 8 on psx. to me these games are old, some of are about 10 years or older.
  5. lol. i miss older RPG games. i haven't been doing anything, im board. lol
  6. Hiya. What have you been doing lately?
    I've been playing mmorpgs like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft, and sometimes I play .Hack on ps2 (first 4).
  7. Hello and happy new year too. how has it been so far?
  8. Happy New Year!!!!!!
    Have a good 2009.

  9. are you?????????what's up????????want to be friends?
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