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  1. I had a pet tarantula about that size before, it was the easist pet to take care of. Found it out in the desert. It later died of old age but it was fun freaking my friends and family with when it was alive.
    One of my cousens HATES spiders and she was messing with it, I warned her not to but she didn't listen and it ended up throwing a bunch of hair off its back at her and the hairs are itchy as hell when they get on you. So she was scratching all over the place... I laughed.
  2. Thanks. I'm in Texas where a Tarantula was in my house, and near my bed. I personally don't really have that bad archnephobia. But this thing was the size of my hand.
  3. We can be, we usually leave our friends in stitches laughing just being weird. As for how it is here, well the best way to describe it being freaking majestic as always.
  4. You guys sound pretty fun to hang around then. How's life in freaking majestic California by the way?
  5. The reason why my brother and I can relate to The Tallest is do in part that we always act goofy and childish when together and rairly disagree, much like them as the only thing they disagree on is what is cooler for a more dramatic entrance, smoke machines or lasers.
  6. Funny, me and my sister were like Zim and Gir...and that normally ended up with some stuff being destroyed..-
  7. Thanks. I always liked "The tallest" simply because they act and behave much like my brother and I do.
  8. Hi. Nice profile pic, by the way.
  9. Failing what exactly, school? ANy ways, I am nothing but good right now. Can't really complain to much.
  10. I'm doing okay, just trying to make a sig..and I'm failing. you?
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