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  1. good and meow meow just for you my freind i miss you and hope we can talk later.
  2. good life is good will get better with the stress going away and if i can get time to mylesf and my bother would leave me alone i would be much better just need sometime to myslef.
  3. hello long time no talk you my not rember me that is ok if you do or do not let me know and we can talk?
  4. life is great on my end of course with my king and i can never give him up.
  5. hello i saw that you were on line and thought i'd drop in and say hello and see what is going on with you and hope you aredoingwell.cassy.
  6. thank you very much my frined that is very nice of you to do so talk to you later cassy.
  7. well his the freind that i'm worreid about just want to see if he is ok that's all.
  8. yeah i was not sure hey have spoken togaarasandkiller1 at all latey?
  9. No it was just last night i had a dream and woke up this moring and had some marks
  10. I'm good just worried about a freind of mine that's all and hopfully i will be ok when i go to work tommrrow not have to hide any marks.
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