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  1. its ok when i started playing flute i was better at it whan i was sick! isnt hat funny!
  2. its strange because i absolutely i have to be depressed to paint. but when i do i come up with good stuff.its just sad
  3. im good at art too i still have a whole bunch of colors!paint canvas and mess are some of my favorite things!
  4. lol, lucky. i m a super only good at art and stuff.
  5. im good at school i go to adanced classes.
  6. sounds horrible. any test is bad to me....i mean i suck so bad i'm on temporary homeschool
  7. brown sugar?FCAT is Florida Comprehension Assessment Test!its horrible!
  8. try some brown sugar on your throat(always works for me), and whats a FCAT?
  9. im coughing like crazy and i have FCAT tomarrow.....
  10. lol, i love ceiling cat vs basement cat stuff.. hows life on your end?
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