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  1. that sucks!!! i had a cat she had a litter and abandoned 2 of the new borns and my sister mom and i raised them for a week then mom took them to the aspca back when i lived in california!
  2. man, its really sucks when they die. i had a gf who had a cat that had a litter, and all the kittens die.
  3. lots of cats to see here!
  4. i have 1 she had kittens a litter of 5 .2 died and the other three lived .2 of the three were given to my moms friends sister and the last was given to a lady at my moms work 2008s week before Halloween in October
  5. lol. its ok, she's happy. she's just stupid..
    i give her love. lol. how many cats do u have?
  6. poor kitty.!
  7. aww. i love cats. mine's retarded. it a short haired white one and it's half deaf.
  8. meow!!lol. my cats crazy she runs into walls and she walks on me to wake me up.
  9. i want another cat. a little bat kitten. ill name it NIghtmare
  10. nice i own a cat named midnight shes black and white.
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