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  1. lol sorry nope uhh havent heard uv him
    but the movie i love that george clooney is in
    is From Dusk Till Dawn
  2. not but i admit hes a good actor. How about Matthew Goode?
  3. cool..... =]
    so do you like george clooney?
    i do lol
  4. thats fine, love.
    there's no rush. my favorite movies with him are Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Once upon a time in mexico and sweeney todd.
  5. sorry *the lol im a lil distracted right now lol =]
  6. lol yes i love him as jack sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean
    and Edward Scissorhands
    and 21 Jump Street
    and idk hte rest lol
  7. I'll try not to.
    And he''s one of my favorite actors, he's amazing.
  8. lol yes...i LOVE johnny depp!!
    well i love you remember that
    just PLZ dont hurt ur self
  9. nice avatar.
    i'm holding up ok. Im just depressed still..
  10. im ok...and you? =^_^= kitty kitty lol =] lol idk
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