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  1. are we still together??????
  2. hi.....
    (\_ /)
    (")(")..... bunny pooped ^_^ lol how are you?
  3. hello stranger...long time...we havent talked ^_^
    how are you?
    how was the move?
    im going to upload more pictures very soon ^_^
    they are going to be recent ones
  4. oh...i see
  5. well i'm just going back and forth with my mom. I hate where I am right now, and I'm trying to stay somewhere for the summer. it sucks ><
  6. and if you dont mind me askin..why might you be moving to a friends house?
  7. no but i do like that name ^_^
  8. yes of course i'm okay, lol. And I'm just moving temporarily to a friend's house.
    And the not emo thing is because I'm really not. i don't like to claim any labels mainly, and I didn't really pick my username, but I just go with it.
    I like the style for certain things but I don't like to label. that's about it..
    Does it really bug you?
  9. its good ^_^ so where r u movin 2?
    and plz tell me ur ok!
    and whats up with the thing where ur NOT emo
  10. Sorry bout that. I've been busy, and trying to move. My internet isn't exactly reliable.

    So how's life, love?
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