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  1. yea, my stupid email addresses refuse to send the video, sorry. But I'll go ahead and add you on msn though, ok.
  2. XDDD sorry and yeah send away if u have msn u can add me with that address also k?
  3. I already gave my name, lol, it's Josh. And ok, I'll send you the video now.
  4. Well I made a video a couple days ago of me singing a song I posted on here, so If you give me your email address I can send it to you. And Ok, nice to meet, whats ur name? XD
  5. Hi^^ I see your from Ireland, thats cool, I'm not from there but my family is Irish^^ And you also like to sing, thats awesome as well, I love singing, I do it all the time^^ Wanna be friends? Oh yea, i forgot to give my name, it's Josh, but you can call me Takuya^^
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