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  1. Yeah, my bf and I are working thing out and talk everything out and are still together and not really planning to leave each other... Were just gonna try to stay open and talk to each other more. Him and I are hanging out today and talk more. I hope your day is going good. ^^
  2. yea well i cant drive to mine its 30mins in a plane or 3 hours in a boat...worth it too tho
  3. Yeah mine ex live in IN. its like a 4-5 hr drive but its so worth it when I see his loving face..
  4. yea i just always miss my bf cause i only get to see him like once a month cause he lives so fair away...
  5. I love Valintines day! I might be taking my ex back... I miss him so bad.....
  6. well this weekend im spending valintines day weekend with him hehe T^T cant spend valintines tho
  7. Yeah.... I been kinda down about mine and I might end up brokaing up with him because of a issue.... But umm what you doing this weekend?
  8. yea sounded awsome just wish it was as easy for others to meet up with there bfs tho
  9. Well Friday I had one of my friends stay over and Saturday I had my bf stay with me and hanged out with him Sunday and monday. and I am going to hangout with him today.
  10. aww i was stayin at my bf's house this week end it was so much fun hehe what were u up to this weekend?
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