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  1. nahhhh XD u?... # .
  2. wow.... that's scary... anything else new besides that?
  3. yeah well thats people and diffrent religions i guess
  4. whoa! that's creepy and scary! ......................... weird
  5. no no no they didnt kill them self somone else killed him....
  6. wow... that's interesting..... some one killed them self why?
  7. yeahh my school was ok like till we were all on bebo and somedude died on it cos somone was like planing to kill him or somthing not was a religion thing then everything was being blocked >< then we got peroxies then they got blocked.....they look at what everyones lookin at i guess so i dont think other than me and 2-3 of my mates be on this
  8. god.. my school is so uptight with online safety! it's actually blocked at my school!
  9. nm nm just in school at the moment!! XDDD aghhhhh!!! goodddd borrredddness!!! XD
  10. hey equinn! :] haven't seen you in a while.. what's up?
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