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  1. that does suck that someone used it though lo. silly people
  2. yea i just seen someone copy mine not inpressed XD
  3. yeah they do which is weird XD .
  4. thanks btw do the bots on here use peoples usernames but only change them alittle??
  5. i will keep my fingers crossed for you then , i hope you do good .
  6. yea been ok swamped with collage stuff right now since we are gettin marked this week im so gonna fail i dont see myself gettin this work finished by then
  7. ok thats cool how are things going ?
  8. okie dokie chris got u so alls good ...............................
  9. ok i just sent another request ^_^ .
  10. i didnt get a reqest?? ill link u to mu page and i hope so too
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