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  1. yeah was in cruches for like 3 odd months T^T hated every min and i was off alot cos of it and im still gettin letters home from my school about my ateendence they are ****in ****s tbh
  2. O.o Well at least your better too .
  3. my knee? errr well i sliped on the wet floor at school
  4. How you do that o.o ?
  5. aww good good goin to see my bf soon i cant wait!!! hehe ^^ im soo exsited yet im really nervus lol cos i have to meet his family too T^T im shitin them tbh ..... but cant wait at the same time hehe ^^ ...and my leg is all better cos i tore the ligaments in my knee a few months back
  6. so what have you been up to ?
  7. yeah! its awful .....

    well as long as ur a little bit better *hugs*
  8. o.O dam, but at least im a lil better now
  9. aww i hate that and if i get it or anyone in my family does and my dad catches it he could die sooo yaknow i try not be sick as much as i can
  10. lol, eh i think i just had the flu ;p
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