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  1. Na no one cares about me!!!!!!!!!!
    i think im a loner!!!!
  2. well tbh its the truth some people mightnt show it often but ur family and firends care about u so why would u wanna do that
  3. 4 reals u hurt my my feelings!!!!!!!!
    I cant belive people are noticing me now!!!!!!!
  4. honestly im gonna tell u to wise up like think of all the people that know u etc how would they feel
  5. i know i and its been a night mare!!!!!!!and i want to die is it and blah!!!!!!
  6. ????????????? but ur 16 .
  7. Becaus esoon i ll die of a heart attack or so called train reck with me in it!!!!!!!!
  8. ermmm why ?
  9. well you have a great time i think ill comment suicidle soon so ya i hope u guys work out!!!!
  10. yes hes very specail to me and i would do anything for him but why say what he does to diserve it he just does if u love somone enough u will do anything for them
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