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  1. Is he really that special and if he is discribe what he does????
  2. yeah and tbh i just wanna be with my bf so yeah and i would trow away everything for him tbh
  3. Ok you i think is ok in a way !!!!!!!!
    Hope you get into school!1
  4. yes i have many i time ( my bf doesnt want me too ether does my family)

    i feel like i wont ever get anywere in life the only thing out there is being a house wife even if that cos i know im not gonna pass my GCSE's come like may june time and i wont get back into school anyways
  5. Are you really thinking of dropping out????
    and if you do say the reason!!!!!
  6. yup! .
  7. That is so ia bad idea!!!! dont!!
    If you do you through everything a way!!!!
  8. well im in mine 5 years and i hate every min of it i just wanna leave and move in with my bf tbh and leave all of it behind
  9. y i hate the school and everyone in it its my third year and i had it!!!!!!!!!
  10. aww dont do that u will regret it big time u know?...
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