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  1. Ok but im thinking of dropping out if school because they freaken tease me!!!!
  2. kinda i dont get online much in school all sooo anoyin atm
  3. No what does that mean?????????????????????
    And is it the same for you???
  4. yeah! schools pissin me off latly anyways so i know what u mean T^T DAM GCSE's
  5. Owwwww ok sorry!!
    if want to talk until you leave thats ok but im at school so it sucks for me!!!!!!!!
  6. ?....what i never meant it would be a waste of time .... i just said i dont be on ao much
  7. Ok im sorry if i had to use your time!!!!!!!!!
  8. yeah anytime ^^

    i donno how much i ever be on anymore tbh but i be on enough
  9. ...................... what i was wondering if we can chat!!!!
  10. haha ok i guess ^__^ u??................... .
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