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  1. yess!! we have a party at the house ^^

    >< i dont think ill be doin alot of it in cruches... DAMM IM NOT GONNA GET DRINK NOW SHITTTT T^T....

    >< yeah i tore i think the acl ligament in my knee at school ><...
  2. Freeeeeeee candy night! Wait you do, do Halloween right?
  3. aww kat its ok ^^ and thankyou! !
  4. haha! Made it in time. In a way.. For my time zone either way!

    time is 11:09, and I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday and say so sorry about not being online early. >.<
  5. yeah i knew he knew and i also know sweet knew and tanga told me anyways before and i asked u about it and u didnt reply i guess u were away?.... but yeah sure sooo how long are we firends now??? LOL so im sure we will be firends for a long time kit kat!!! love u loads!!!!

    and im fine yourself?.... xx
  6. Aw lizzie I left in short notice, but if You wondering why just talk to kunno/ I hope we can catch up on here or in emails either or./

    How are you?

  7. [Dance Dance Dance]
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