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  1. hajahjahjahjah don't get mad for a little thing like that!... i didn't know you where pone of those with long distance relation, ... am sorry I said
    do you forgive me?
  2. ok thats good and thanks for callin me sick ... me and my bf have a long distance thing goin on and im goin to hopfuly see him at the end of the month and thanks alot.....
  3. hajhajhajah funny shit!... look am here to make friends, not fake internet love... that's sick!...
    if you do have a BF that's great, because I have a GF!
  4. ....long story alot of guys were hittin on me resecnly and i hate telling them no..... if u know what i mean as u know i have a bf and all and it makes u feel bad rejectin people
  5. what make you think I was hitting on you?
    I only hit on people that I can see and touch!
    not internet people !
  6. haha yeppers XD >< i dont like guys hittin on me full stop ....
  7. ohhhhhhhh yea yea yea yea !
    SO everything is clear now!
  8. ohhhh good good good good ^^ X D
  9. ha ha ha ! very funny... but when I use the word chick, i don't use it as in you're a sexy beast, nooo am using it as in just a word to call you, there are a couple of chicks here that i call chick, like there,s one i call anime chick , the xxx chick.. see.. am not hitting on you!
  10. OHH hehe babe,ya would sexy etc... XD

    well u can tell me theres enough pics of me in the gall LMAO
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