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  1. Liz!
  2. still very sore....i tryed goin to school today but my hands are all blistered because of the cruches... and my leg still hurts alot!...>< i had to get home early
  3. How's your leg Lizzie >_<?
  4. haha hopefuly!! XD

    i thought u forgot all about me rushil.....T^T
  5. Hey again ^_^ I'm entering the SOTW! It's been so long, I hope you are too!
  6. nah it wasnt late....keep in mind ur ahead of us in time XDD thanks
  7. HEllo again and a very happy [b elated] birthday to you ^_^
  8. haha yeah if u really wanna LMAO!!

    aww only a wee bit...i watched the opeing it was good...icant belive some of it was fake like the wee girl that was singoing hes cute and all but it wasnt even her it was some other wee girl they didnt want her doin it cos she didnt look pretty enof T_T.... and some of the fireworks they showed were prerecoreded...and what not XDD but it seems ok anyways ^^
  9. Eh, I'll call you that from now on ^_^
    Whatching the OlympicS?
  10. haha hiya!! ^^ well im defoo not page 3 XDD LMAO!

    but hiya hows u??!
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