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  1. yup yup ^^ hehe i still cant wait tho i love him sooo much !! ^__^
  2. Lol... good ^^ Do what your heart tells you... its the only way to find happiness...
  3. yeah i know ....aprently my mum isnt letting me or my sisters only my bro get married?....

    but if im still with phil in a few years and he asks me like i will more than likley say yes ^^ XD i most deffo will LMAO!!!!
  4. Boy your parents are really narrow minded... >.< Its the new age now yo! but then again my friend said it's the best advise a parent can give.. dont get married he said.. >.< anyways ... the choice is in your hands ^^
  5. yeah mines shit tbh! im goin into it after xmas T^T missin my bf loads not seeing him alot latly well talkin to him still need to get my perents and get them to let me go
  6. xD somewhere i guess ^^ just in an exam week now.. trying to chill and relax now ;p how u doin? ^^
  7. yepers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were did you go?????????????????????????????.................
  8. Weally?? o.o *hugs back* missed me?? hehehe
  9. awwwwiesss i would never forget my brother!! *hugs*
  10. you never even ask how i am doing maybe u do forget me... T.T

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