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  1. admit to what!???? LOL

    nah u don't know him hes not on ao!
  2. you are.. admit it!

    I see... Tank do i know him? ^^
  3. meow *licks hand* im not scwary!!! ^__^ hehe

    yeah my new bf is a tank ^__^ lol like for real >,< i didnt know i liked that oh well ^__^ hehe
  4. a tank? o.O off! @.@ wt... ahhh!!! *pokes u until u get off and runs off* gee @.@ u scary lil kitty
  5. nahhh im gettin married to a tank!!!!!!!!!!!!11 WOOOPPPP!!!!!! *climbs up tree and jumps on ray* haha it was all a trick!!! *bites stick* don't poke me with it!!!
  6. *poking ur butt with a stick* aww.. thats all the AO cat can do? You should get married to garfield then
  7. *runs after ray* HAHA u thought i couldnt get u * out of breath* ill get u ....*falls* drats LMAOOOOO
  8. *tickles* *runs off* muahaha~!

    wheee!! can't catch me!
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