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  1. How do I send it to you??? =__=
  2. yeah ofcourse u can call me lizzie XD

    yeah i know i miss u too rennnnnnnnn T^T i have a new msn btw send me urs and ill add u unless i did add u
  3. Can I call you Lizzy??? I don't normally call people by their real names (cause sometimes I don't know them). But I miss you!!! We don't talk as much...
  4. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's so cute!!!!!! XD
  5. awww noooooo......................... .
  6. Yes!!!! I go crazy when I put in a bg and it looks so crappy!!! Argh!!!!! XD
  7. yeah i know its awful !
  8. Of course. Renders are evil!!! -.- I have to word extran hard to make sure they come out right. Espically the hair....
  9. yeah it is even more when ur on a laptop without a proper mouse LOL XDDD
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