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  1. *huggles* You're so awesome!!! I'm actully trying to render a few images just its kinda hard ^^;;
  2. haha np np ^ ^
  3. Oh you do???? Wow!! i would love it if you did it for me!! I'd actually like another one to go with this sig you're going to make. I want this render to go with it:
    I'd like you to make this one less trasparent kinda like a ghost and I want the render you have (Her name is Anise) to be close to it.

    Words would be : Gone but not forgotten.

    I love that couple. Anise and Ion....*sigh*

    This isn't too much is it?? If you can render I'd like this image a lot better than the others....

    Oh....I feel so bad to be asking you so much.....I don't care do whatever you want. I'd like anything you'd give me!! ^__^
  4. yeahhh ^^ lol i have a render of the same girl in ur avi and i thought if u wanted one i could make it for u
  5. Hmm?? Why do you ask??? You just wanna make me a siggy??? XD
  6. i know!!! T^T i miss u too btw do u want a new sig?
  7. Hiya!! I miss talking to you!!! T^T So how are you??
  8. I'm great!! and yourself?? ^^
  9. HIYA!!! long time no talk hows u ?
  10. Hi!!! I haven't in forever!!! XD
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