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  1. haha donno if we will get away with it! make a thread pation!!
  2. Maybe if we ask we can change it to at least 25!!! XD It'd be a little bit easier don't ya think??
  3. god how i know it!!!! lo l
  4. Nyahhh!!!! Yay!! XD I wish this was like IM only have to put a few words.....>.>
  5. woohooo it worked! !
  6. Okay added!!! I wonder if it'll' work.....^__^ I hooe it does!!! XD
  7. Hmmm, nope but I do have yahoo messager. I talk to some people on msn on there ^__^ Why do you want to chat with me?? XD
  8. yes yes i seen!! urs look really really good renn!! btw have u got msn?
  9. Yay!! Going to see your bf huh?? lolz Hope you have fun!!! XD But that's during the summer!!!!! Sorry, me being random!! Oh I can't believe it, but I entered the Banner contest!!! O.o
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