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  1. yeah i use it too i find it really good and easy to use i prefer it compered to photoshop or anything like that ^^
  2. Yeah. I find Gimp a good program and it's free, which helps me!! XD
  3. it still looks really! really! good i havent voted yet but ur sigs are gettin really good what are u using gimp???
  4. lolz I just made a new one. My new avi and sigy!!! Oh!!! I wish I did better on SOTW.....T.T My first looked good....I know what I did wrong....ToT
  5. yeah ^^ IM SURE UR GONNA BE GREAT! my first stuff was really crappy tbh urs is really good
  6. Oh and thanks for the post in my first sig thingie!!! XD I'm working on it and trying to get better!!! ^__^
  7. haha yeah thats randome!!! hii ty soo much ^ ^
  8. What Abu said below!!! You're so awesome!! You're only a year older than me!!! Wow! XD Sorry I being random......
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