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  1. ok thanks everything is ok for now though yeah it does sound crul but anyways it is better for them so they wont be in pain anymore you got that right oh that is good that he lasted longer then the doctor's said
  2. yea i understand how u feel but theres somthing thats keeping her goin and shes a strong woman and i hope everything is ok like when my granda died it was so hard ull never exspect it and when it happens ull be upset at first but i think u understand what i needed to and that was to realise its the best thing for them i know it sounds crul but its the best thing i was really happy my granda wasnt in pain anymore but i didnt wanna let go aswell but i just needed to sit back and say he lasted 3 times longer than they said he would and hes been suffering too long and he didnt die alone so im happy
  3. aww i am so so sorry yeah my aunt is still fighting but i don't want to see her in pain anymore though
  4. yea my grandad passed away on wed .. but i hope ur aunts still fighting
  5. oh i am sorry we both are dealing with the same problems..................................
  6. yea my grandads the same he may be startin to get clots now tho im really upset too but ur aunt will live longer than them few weeks my grandads been suffering with it the last 3 years but only really hittin him now tbh but we dont belive he will last long now tho....
  7. mostly the same anyways my aunt is dying of cancer she only has 1 or 2 weeks to live her kidneys shut down last night and i am upset about her dying
  8. im doin fine thanks schools bein abit of a pain like but thats all u?
  9. yeah i have never seen you around either... so how are you doing?
  10. oh really? surprised i never seen u around?? i donno how long ive been on maybe 3 or 4 years?
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