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  1. hehe ok cool ^^ thanks XD have to make up somthing first thing came to my head LOL
  2. i posted in both ...the occ and the rp g
  3. Ahh i seen it cool lol i like the bio behind ur character its interesting and i just seen ur post in the rp ima read it now k
  4. Are u gonna post in the rp? Or are u gonna wait till next time?
  5. ok ^^ i just made my char bio ^ ^
  6. Thanks i also updated the ooc and ideas thread to my rp so whenever u got time check it out.. Thanks have fun and Enjoy
  7. hehe sounds goo i may leave in a wee char proflile ^^
  8. Thanks well so far demons are ambushing us before Shadow's castle and there's comfort in numbers. Well everyone is kinda spread out but they will eventually meet back up with us lol and thats about it post ur character sheet in the ooc or the rp and post and have fun enjoy and thanks
  9. ok sure it sounds good to me!! ^ ^
  10. Umm i will give ya a breif summary if u want i mean its really fun and intersting
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