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  1. how do you become a com. member? I have over 2,400 credits and over 100 posts. And it's been 30 days. shouldn't I be a com. member?
  2. hey me irish chica! how are you today? I am really happy tomorrow everyone will be celebrating the Irish!
  3. i dont really have a fav tb h
  4. what's ur favorite emo band? I'm hyper but depresseded. weird huh?
  5. OMG AWESOME!! heh e
  6. really? that's the sme with me only different name and location XD. I like a lot of animes but don't really have a favorite. And we listen to the same music.
  7. ok im lizzie im 16 from ireland as u knew XD my fav anime i dont have one XD i like a few and im mostly into rock emo stuff but i like pop rnb and some rave
  8. that's really cool. Name, age, gender, location? I'm Christy, 16, female(duh), and Indiana. Fav, anime and music?
  9. yeah i am im 100% irish XD LO L
  10. So your Irish? that's really weird because I am Half-Irish. I am in love with my heritage so much it isn't even funny.
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