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  1. I only have the first book. I'm going to have to get the others and I also plan on getting the series on DVD.
  2. Yeah thats usually how it is. The anime is still amusing though. I watched the anime first of Ranma and am still reading the manga. It is one of those series that I stop reading for a while then I will pick it back up.
  3. I think the manga is a lot better than the anime. It explains more in the manga.
  4. Ranma is funny, the art is a little dated but I really like the series to, its a must.
  5. I watch anime mostly, though I've started getting into Ranma 1/2 (the manga). I think it's hilarious.
  6. Thanks, you too.

    Do you read manga or just watch anime mostly?
  7. That's good. Ireally think that you deserve all of the happiness that comes your way.
  8. Well thats good that it is seems to be coming together nicely. Things with me have been busy but good.
  9. I've now got two people with characters for it. We just have to figure out a time that would work for everyone to get together. How are things with you?
  10. Hey hows things going? Is your RPG going ok? Talk to ya later.
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