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  1. I will, when I'm done reading this thick stack of documents on my desk.

    Say, just curious, but how often do you post over at the forums?
  2. To 13-year olds, it might be the greatest. Naruto, I mean.

    I've heard about Vampire Knight from one of my friends, I'll get around to watching that soon too.

    What's S.A.? Those letters remind me of the forum Something Awful.
  3. I loved the English dub they had for R.O.D. the TV. Quite seamless, it was.

    Yup, I've seen the OAV, though Yomiko didn't sound British at all. (I liked her better when she did... She is a British secret agent, isn't she?)

    Shows I've seen? Fate/Stay Night and Ultra Maniac (typical run-of-the-mill magical girl anime), to name just a few.
    Shows I follow these days(or at least try to)? There's Powerpuff Girls Z, Lucky Star, and... Last Exile. I can't get enough of it, though I can't catch it when I want to. There's Naruto Shippuden too, but only because my younger cousin watches it (I'm not really into it, if you must have my opinion).

    What about you?
  4. Well, I wouldn't blame you for not finishing it. Haruhi Suzumiya brings up philosophy every now and then to make itself look "sophisticated". Taking a cue from the Matrix or Evangelion, maybe?

    I wonder what's with the name "Haruhi" these days? There's a really minor character named Haruhi Nishizono in R.O.D. the TV, which I finished just recently. Great anime, by the way. I wouldn't pass it up if I were you
  5. In my particular campaign, rogue scientists genetically enhanced an already highly enhanced project by introducing certain genes from the: megalodon, star fish, and resurrection lily. In this way, they created the ultimate predator (who later killed them). I have the players try to deal with him(or her, depending upon how I feel when I start the campaign). Someone convinced him to reform the Star League and the players have to figure out whether or not they want to hinder or help him(her).
  6. Initially all of the humans were from Terra (Earth) but they started colonizing space after the third world war. They eventually founded something called the Star League (think UN on an intergalactic scale) which developed the mechs. Then some of the States wanted more power and tore up the Star League. And yup, I'm the GM.
  7. Speaking of which, mine's Yuki from (gasp!) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  8. Yeah. I know what you mean about drinking. And the name of the game is Mechwarrior. Something like Robotech but without all of the transformabe mecha and aliens.
  9. Oh... I see. I'm more used to seeing the crossdressing Haruhi, though. Doesn't seem like her at first, but... as you said. My bad.
  10. Ugh! It appears I wrote my age wrong. I meant 3 5. And I know what you mean about a fan having to do what a fan has to do. I'm getting ready to start a new RPG group and I s[end quite a bit of time awake preparing for it.
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