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  1. It stinks that I missed the chat it would have been fun I'm sure. Maybe next time though Thanks for inviting me.
  2. awww that sounds cute. I wonder why I haven't heard of it, thanks for the recommendation.
  3. It's a romance story in 3 parts. It's about a guy and a girl who have feelings for one another, but can't help but drift apart, since they move around a lot. Then time takes its toll somehow. I'd recommend it for the story, but also for the breathtaking scenic art.

    Care to join us over on chat?
  4. 5 centimeters per second? I haven't whats it about?
  5. Oh, yeah... I forgot to mention that just recently I've seen 5 centimeters per Second. Ever heard of it?
  6. I post when I have time. I work and am a college student so my posting is sporadic at best. Animal crossing is a game made by nintendo. It is a life simulation game but with animals kind of like SIMS, it is cute and addictive. I would play it a lot for a while then loose interest then come back to it.
  7. What's Animal Crossing, by the way? I haven't heard of it till someone mentioned it just now.
  8. I will, when I'm done reading this thick stack of documents on my desk.

    Say, just curious, but how often do you post over at the forums?
  9. S.A. is an anime based on the manga of the same name and it stands for Special A. Its about a special elite class at a private academy more specifically about the girl who always come in second to this guy who is her rival since childhood. It is about her always competing with him and him trying to get her to notice that he likes her. It is funny, nothing too in depth mind you but entertaining all the same. If it interests you, you should read the manga on onemanga.
  10. To 13-year olds, it might be the greatest. Naruto, I mean.

    I've heard about Vampire Knight from one of my friends, I'll get around to watching that soon too.

    What's S.A.? Those letters remind me of the forum Something Awful.
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