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  1. Thanks i will try to find a college that i like to go to.... i think it going to be out of Ohio.....
  2. yah i've been trying really hard this year to pass~
    ouu i hope you do too~
  3. That cool i hope i get in to that college.... you can if you really wanna to go to that college
  4. meep~ xD
    the University of Ohio~ though I doubt i could get in, i failed alot xp
  5. LOL that cool im not going to any college.............. what college are you wanna to go to.......
  6. i must be psychic then lol >.> XD
    im from North Carolina >XP
    and aww i wanna go to college there :O
  7. Yeah it is lol..... where are you from.... im from ohio.....
  8. meep~
    it's sarry~
    lul my name is wierd x3
    and me guesses that yours is erika? :3
  9. Ur welcome im looking some new friends.......... what your name....
  10. hey~ thankyou for the friend request
    oh and its nice to meet you lol
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