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  1. LOL my christmas was good too... i spent time with my boyfriend......
  2. Christmas was good. You'd think that with all my free time I'd get some homework done, but it didn't happen. Instead I played nintendo and uno with my sisters. How was your Christmas?
  3. Hey what up and how are you today..... so how was your chirstmas......
  4. Sorry its been along time i forgot my password. I hate school it suck. I'm Erika
  5. lol, sorry, I'm usually busy. I'm working full-time and taking an online my brain's, like, dead most of the time. Today's been a good day though. How's school going?
  6. hey waz uppppppp???????????????????????????????????
  7. im good and im at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Not much. How're you doing today?-----------------------------------
  9. hey Japxican waz up with you.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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