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  1. Thanks . I'm going to stop posting here though. Not because of the gallery itself, but every time I visit the gallery these days my antivirus has to block a trojan. I do have a deviantart and a collaborative webpage I work on, though, so if you ever feel like dropping me a line, feel free!
  2. I saw your last pic that you put in FanArt.... that was such an interesting looking character\figure.
  3. Wow that was pretty freakin' awesome. You should make an album of your art. (I should probably make one of my art too, but, Im lazy)
  4. Aw, it's cool. I don't really mind. Been working on an old commission over break anyway, and school starts up again in less than a week.

    I've been working on this on and off. Not really all that good, honestly, but meh.

  5. Dude.... I know why you don't know... because you have to be an elite member or above to view the journals. Sh*t.
  6. there's a traditional art contest? I didn't even know, lol
  7. Ah, I see you've made that pic your avatar... cool. Now that youve outed your skills I hope you enter that traditional art contest in sazuka's journal.
  8. I try. Cancers certainly do rock! Anyway, off to bed, been a very long day
  9. You made alot of sense in the "shacking up before marriage" thread. And I like people who make sense. I visited your profile, because you sounded so wise, I knew you had to be at least 20 something.. So I had to check out your date of birth... And hey, your exactly 366 days younger than me! (except on leap years) Wooo Hooo Cancers rock!
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