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  1. OK.... i'll add u but i need to kno ur name and email.... u can send me a priate message if u want....its cold here to... and it sucks...
  2. Me am alright, cold weather in new York, seen better days... Am glad u r alright.
  3. Hello cathy, how u doing today? I saw your message and decided tom add you on face book by your name, and I find something weird.. They are so many people with that name it was impossible for me to add you, so didn't .
  4. Hi, sorry for replaying so so late to your comment, but the thing is that I don't come here anymore, did you happen to get a life?.. That's what is says on your last comment that you left me on my page
  5. yea... im ok.. just trying to find a place to stay and someone to go out with... life is hell rite now tho, my dad ... did something.. how r u?
  6. i know am not the oldest, i wanted to make my comment interesting.. ohh about you trying to get a life... dont worry you're will get there.... later just wait... so i see u r online today... how u doing
  7. lol ur not the oldest... im 16. and trying to get a life..
  8. ow often, well once a week, maybe two a week, it depends... oh am a grown man who works for a living... am 28.. yes the oldest one on this site... i think... now my time to ask, how old are you, for being asking these
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