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  1. Well for me, it's just some people I write with (including you) that keeps me coming back. Otherwise, I'd probably abandon the site completely.
    I don't know why, but there's not much going on here anymore ... and most of the threads have become rather boring too. Just not much that makes me stick around.

    Yeah, lots of cool games coming up, and from all the games which you want to get it seems you have to get yourself another part time job!
    You also might want to check out the game Bayonetta (Ps3 title). Trust me, you WANT to check Bayonetta out! <:

    So what you've been to? Had a good New Year's Eve? Mine was lame as always. (: Y'know, family stuff ... :x
  2. Haha, well I haven't really found anything super interesting that keeps me away from this site. Just not much going on here, that's all.

    Yeah, I heard that Demon's Souls is supposed to be super-hard. I'm really curious to play it someday actually, I'd really like to try it.
    You already finished it? ((:

    Well, I won't be online the next few days, that's for sure. I'm not in Vienna for Christmas holidays, and no internet countrysides, which sucks. <:
    So I'll wish you merry Christmas now! Hope you get some nice PS3 games! You oughta get yourself Arkham Asylum one way or the other, it's a pretty solid game I've heard!

    Nah, forget about the 360 ... xD

    See you 'round sometime!
  3. Hehe you're a free man again now. Can this happen more often than once to you?
    Haha, no one told you who one the case? <: I'd be interested in knowing what has happened. Maybe it takes a little longer until everything is finished but what do I know.

    Yeah, lots of free time. But I was talking about my free time at work. When there's nothing to do, I just sit around and surf the web, or read a book.
    And honestly, no girlfriend material around here at work. :x
  4. 4-5 months? Haha, baaaad luck dude. And how much longer do you have to play juror? But if you enjoy seeing lawyers, you might want to study law! <: And you can make lots of money as a lawyer too. :x

    No way am I stressing myself. This job is the absolutely most relaxing thing I've ever done. Not that I've done much ...
    Anyway, so much free time, I don't even know what to do with it.
  5. Haha, yeah and you were absolutely right. Work is definitely easier than school was. And school wasn't that hard anyway. <:
    Also, moooooney!

    Well, as long as you're just a juror, it's alright. ((: You HAVE to do that stuff, it's obligatory?
  6. Haha, no I didn't sorry to disappoint you!
    Yeah, the people there are really friendly, so I don't have anything to worry about. Much easier than I incidentally thought, really.
    Work seems much more laid-back than school after all. At least the work I have to do. :P

    So what's with you these days?
  7. Oh, vacation, nice! You were rocking Halloween I assume? xD
    My vacation is over for now. In about half an hour I'm out for my first job. I'm kinda nervous to be honest, but I think everything should be fine. I already got my first money! <:

    Yeah, I heard it is extremely hard. That's why I totally have to play it sometimes. A friend of mine owns a PS3, now I just have to get him to buy Demon's souls. Shouldn't be a hard thing to do, since the game really rocks.

    What's new here? Not much, I'm barely online at the moment, except for some VMs and PMs. It's gotten kinda silent.
    Mods are still the same old I'd say.
  8. That's true, you sure took your time. I thought you're dead.
    Whew, wait, you HEARD that it got hacked? Where did you snap that up?
    It's true though. It sucked.

    Seems you're pretty excited about your new girlfriend. You have to tell me how Demon's Souls is, I heard it should be awesome. If you don't own it yet, go buy it, I bet you'll like it. :P

    No, no money making right now. I've wait 'til November to do that, job starts then. So I was chilling all these days.

    Well, watching it HD sure must be nice.
  9. wow dude i just saw what you posted on len miyatas wall. you got guts man and i totally agree with you. keep doing what your doing man
  10. It has. Up to 8 players or something. They didn't want to make an MMOG which I am happy they didn't. But I'm pretty sure you can play cooperatively online.

    Nono dude, you're quite right. Problem is, I don't really have an alternative. Well, let's see, now that I get to make my own money, let's see what's happening.
    And in fact, I don't like the mess I'm living in, so it's nice to do some clean up every now and then.

    ROD, yeah I've heard of that shit. I guess I'll stick with PC then. Or let's see, now that the PS3 became cheaper, everything's possible I guess.
    Now go and get yourself that baby!
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