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  1. Yes, Diablo III definitely looks awesome! We gonna play together when it's here, dude!

    Yeah, I'm supposed to clean my room, but I don't want to. And any distraction is a welcomed distraction. :P

    You gonna buy the slim one? Awesome, tell me how it works. Although between 360 and PS3, I'd probably go with the 360. :x Dunno.
  2. A lotta good ones, that's for sure dude! I just know about Wii and PC though. :P Don't own a 360 or a PS3 and don't plan to.
    But I can't wait for Starcraft II and Diablo III to be released here! I was able to play Starcraft II at the gamescom and it was freakin' awesome.

    Really? Well, it's definitely reassuring to hear that. I'll hope I do a good job, I don't want stress. But I'm really looking forward to the money. I need a new PC I guess.

    I never really tried that to be honest. Problem is that I can't play those games I buy hear on a console I buy from somewhere else. There are ways to hack those babies, but I don't plan to actually. I'm happy with what I have at the moment, so no need to.

    Hehe, because you're a damn pervert, that's why! :x

    Yes, later.
  3. Hehe, thanks man. I just came back from the gamescom and it was awesome. So many people, it's incredible. And I was able to play many awesome games too. Can't wait when they'll hit the stores here in Europe.

    And yes, I'm pretty excited about that money making thing. Can't wait actually ... I just hope I won't make too many things wrong. :x

    1 euro = 1.43 dollar
    So it would be about 210 euros. But you know, the Ps3 is priced the same here too, making it 299 euro as well. So we in Europe have to pay more for it. Damn. You lucky Americans.
  4. Creepy people like me and you, you meant?

    Well, I'm fine. Yesterday I had an interview for my very first job in course of my alternative civilian service. And it worked quite fine ... Seems that I can start it this november.
    And tomorrow, I'm off for three days to the gamescom in Cologne, you know, that's basically the E3 for Europe. I'm pretty excited because of that, I want to play Diablo III!

    And whazza with you?
  5. dang man!i jus saw what u wrote on len miyata(or however you spell that name)u got guts if nothing else ill give you that.i dnt really like the mods either.i mean i know there suposed to keep this thing in order but they should still respect us.
  6. Yeah, thanks a bunch man. I really enjoyed my holidays. It was a lot of partying though, I'm happy to have a little pause now.
    And thanks again. But I don't need gifts from crazy guys like you. :P
  7. You and your pussys. I did get some, I can reassure you. :P I've had enough on that front for now, if that's even possible.

    Nah, I won't smoke. I deliberately tried not to and was pretty successful until now and I plan to stay like that. Drinking something from time to time is acceptable, but I don't want anything more.
    School's over for me now by the way. Finished all that stuff, so I'm a free man. I do plan to go to university however. Studying never ends as it seems. But nothing's sure as to now, let's see what will happen.
    Whew, that was a lot indeed. Migdet? Don't know 'bout that, but it's no lemon, it's an orange!
  8. Aren't you always high, man? :P
    I don't now, about being you. Crazy like that. I guess that would be simply too much for me to handle. I'm pretty much happy about how I am.

    Not much going on around these parts. Guess what, I'm feeling rather sick again, though that's due to all the partying I did. Anyway, I'm on my way back, so I guess I'll be fit tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. And then I'm off again, to some house we partly own. I'll be playing soccer like mad there. Can't wait for it.
  9. Yeah, I understand that, man. Who wants to stick around at home when the sun's shining out there.
    Hehe, no stress I won't go into any details. :P

    So job's been keeping you busy? Since I've just finished school, I'll still have some more holidays now which I do have to enjoy properly.
  10. I'm just letting you know that I'm back. Back from partying 2 weeks long. I practically slept from 10:00am 'till 08:00 pm at days, the rest was partying and dancing until the morning. I hope you're proud of me.
    Now I'm sick and I absolutely have no voice at all.

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