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  1. wow what supppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ... dude how's it going.. dam it's been 6 month since i been here almost a year, and yet nothing has change... a all good and am glad u are ok... i wont ad anymore my ps3 on here.. but red dead redention is i hope i ear from you sometime, maybe next year...hajhajhajhajahja.. see ya dude, and keep it going
  2. hajhajhajahja, dam anime online is not a free site anymore, my freck that, i will post any crap i want, free so i think....jijijij. so dude how are you doing, i hope good, as for me. i been working like crazy, and i been on red dead redention like crazy, every day i come from work i turn on my ps3, after i cup cake with my girl of man im lagging on my computer, i hardly come to it anymore, work and ps3 is taking all my time.. i need to do something abut it.... am just wondering, when was the last time you where here. i know i was here like 2 weeks ago, i try on finding people who owns ps3 here, IT WAS AN EPIC FAIL... i will never post something like it on this site.. i hate being dam, i sound like a little girl; crying on a forum...jijijijij... well dude time is up, am gonna go play red dead eye... is 9:17 am, monday 5/31/ is memorial day ova here!.... until next time razy panda midget lemon,,
  3. Oi! Stop advertising on my profile page! Ad space costs money man, and I haven't seen any from you. :x
    Can't help you out with your PS3 though, since I don't have one. So no Playstation Home for me.

    It's been long indeed. I hope everything's alright over there and you're playing Red Dead Redemption like crazy. <:

    Everything alright on this end at least. Work's over in little more than two months, and I still have no idea what I'm going to do afterwards. Jobless nerd playing videogames all day and night sounds like a cool option, but I'm still considering.
  4. dude it,s been long.. u crazy panda
    hello anime online people, it's been long since i been here, but am trying to make friends with people on PSN, if u own a ps3 and u r a HOME user, please add me and we can get together on HOME, maybe expand anime online on PSN network, who knows who you might meet there!,, my ID is ESPARTACOS1. i hope i see u guys there!
  5. wow long time yo!... dam it's been months since i been here, how r u dude, how's it going, how the work, and love life... and all the orgies you

    oh let me answer you the past questions that u let me on my profile... yes i played mass effect 2, god of war 3, heavy rain, etc... oh and i haven't been on any orgy lately,
    women don't want to share these dude i hope i hear from you.. after i got my ps3, i been on it, like a fly on shit.....jijijijijijiji... if you ever get one and got yourself online with it... give me you game tag.... we hang out on
  6. Haha, so instead you celebrated with your family? Well, they were happy 'bout it. And you too, so it was only half that bad. Enough chances for your orgies around the year anyway.

    Yeah, think about it. I can recommend it, that's for sure.
    Mass Effect 2 is awesome. Have you played it yet? I'm almost finished now, and I love it.

    Of course you do. Don't sweat it. Your company would probably backstab you as well if they don't need you. So as soon as you find something, you're out. <:
  7. Year I didn't party hard at the end of the year, i was looking forward to an orgy that didn't happen, stupid girls and their

    bayoneta?.. I hear4 good things about it, and those are really good quality for any guy to buy a game... i will think about it... but am waithing for the so awaited mass effect is almost out.. i can't wait... yes am a grown man who play video games... is my money!!!!!... so am buying this!... **** my girlfriend... am gonna had a new
    so take your job easy ad keep looking for something better... that's what i do... I back stab my company if I find something until next time yo! peace out!
  8. Yeah, every year the same ol'. Although I could need change. Well, we'll see, maybe things will get different when my job's finished in July. I wanna see the world! <:

    Oh, so you can actually REMEMBER New Year's Eve?! I thought you were partying so hard you first had to find out in which decade you are again.
    Good to hear that you had a good time though! Spending time with your family is important. (:

    I wouldn't say Bayonetta is for girls. Have you seen Bayonetta? That's her, as she's mostly portrayed in the game:

    She has at least two other good arguments to make you play the game.

    Seriously though, it's quite a good game. Very action-based, awesome style. I think you could like it.

    Mass Effects 2 sure will be awesome though. Makes me really want to have a 360, because my PC sucks so much, I probably won't be able to play it there.
    Guess I have to live without it.
  9. wow it's another year, same shit... nothing change, they lie to us all,
    nah new year i spend it with family, it was good actually, i enjoy it, too bad yours was lame... hummm, bayoneta, i hear good things about it too... but is for girls....jijijijijiji...
    am waiting for final fantasy and mass effect 2, yea another part time job woulod be good right

    yo the forums are dying, is not because people are lacking, but because there are others things way more interesting than forums, like chat rooms, and home!... or xbox live... the communication had change, now i can party up with my buddies on a game and talk with a blue tuth, writhing is a little bit boring
  10. Well for me, it's just some people I write with (including you) that keeps me coming back. Otherwise, I'd probably abandon the site completely.
    I don't know why, but there's not much going on here anymore ... and most of the threads have become rather boring too. Just not much that makes me stick around.

    Yeah, lots of cool games coming up, and from all the games which you want to get it seems you have to get yourself another part time job!
    You also might want to check out the game Bayonetta (Ps3 title). Trust me, you WANT to check Bayonetta out! <:

    So what you've been to? Had a good New Year's Eve? Mine was lame as always. (: Y'know, family stuff ... :x
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