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  1. Soo ... How to join a social group? Normally you should have some kind of box on the right side of your page called :"Group Memberships". Down on the right side of the box you just click on "Join Social Groups". Then you'll see a list of Social groups, where you should also find "Literature corner". Currently the group is to be found on the second page. Click on it, and on the top right side stands "Join Group". That's it.
    Other way would be you visit my site. You can find the "Group Memberships" box there. Then proceed as I told you above.
    Arcade games can just be played if you are a Community Member. To be a Com. member, you must have written 100 post and joined the site 30 days ago. Additionally you have to write a post on that day.
    That's it I guess. If you have some other problems, don't hesitate to ask me.
  2. ok! so, how exactly do you join the social group Lit. corner?? and how do you play the arcade games if it says something along the lines of... your administrator doesn't allow arcade games... how do you get it allowed??
    thanks so much for helping. means alot!!
  3. Well, this isn't an actual blog, though you can write here too. Normally, it's for people like me who write something as a visitor message.
    On the board, you talk mainly about anime. Depends on which thread you are of course.
    If you are chatting with other people here or per private messages, you can talk about whatever you want.
    And if you're into novels, I'd suggest you join the social group Literature corner. There you can talk about every novel you've read so far.
    Just ask me if you've got any other questions, I'll try to answer them.
    If you do, just click on 'View Conversation' in the right corner and post there. That way, I know that you messaged me.
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