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  1. why not >.> .
  2. you mean that's not cool?.... I don't speak anime giberish.......jijijijijijij
  3. thats not kewl TT^TT .
  4. ok bad memory chick....... lol
    see ya later....bye
  5. no no i have been on the net for ever but i didnt really no about anything so yea xD
  6. wow you don't know.... is that how long ..... you forgot all those years?
    hey hello, evil one... with a nice touch....jijijijijijiji
  7. lol i ment these two websites lol idk hoe long i have been on the net
  8. 3 years isn't that much time... I know a friend who's been on the net since 1995, yes almost every day...... he has no life.... but make a lot of money./...... sometimes I envy him, and sometimes
  9. on hear i think its my second or 3rd xD on this place i have e been on the computer forever
  10. wow that's a long time on the game..... this is the 2 year am on the
    am a baby.......jijijiji
    so how ya doing?
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